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Makes a perfect gift for a food-loving friend or for yourself!


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Read a letter from a very satisfied client... 

"Our visits to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and to Chelsea Market and the Village (including Joe's Dairy), with Addie Tomei were truly some of the peak culinary experiences of our lives in NYC.  Addie is an insider's culinary tour guide extraordinaire!"

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page,

"I was challenged to bring together a number of people who never worked together before and with your help, I was able to get my staff to open up, appreciate each other and build a team. Your hospitality, flexibility and appreciation of all the individuals in the group made everyone feel welcomed and special." 
excerpt from Bearing Point, formerly KPMG Consulting more 

"Thank you so much for partnering with The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park on the Taste of Lower Manhattan weekend package.  Our guests had the most wonderful time with you.  I look forward to working with you again soon!"
Jennifer A. Oberstein, The Ritz-Carlton New York Battery Park Hotel 

" Now, anyone who has always wanted to get an inside look at New York's culinary scene can do so in fine style with Savory Sojourns"
 Ruthanne Terrero, Tour & Travel News

"Actress Marisa Tomei's mother, Addie, has been winning raves for Savory Sojourns"
 Anthony Freund, Town & Country

"Savory Sojourns specializes in taking groups of food enthusiasts to all the "in" places to eat in New York as well as the ethnic markets and behind-the-scenes spots.  Owner Addie Tomei, mother of actress Marisa Tomei, acts as a guide on these tours and imparts her love of New York to visitors..."
Nicole Williamson, The Group Travel Leader

"Combine top culinary experiences with luxury accommodations and the heady atmosphere of New York City.  Mix thoroughly and add a dash of celebrity charm.  The result is Savory Sojourns, a company whose recipe for success includes walking tours, hands-on cooking instructions and meals at Manhattan's most exclusive restaurants"
Sonya Goodwin Hemmings, America West Airlines Magazine

"Where do I begin?  Our trip to New York and Savory Sojourns was more than I dreamed possible...everything far exceeded my expectations"
Client, San Francisco, California

"The success of our trip is due to a huge extent to your partnership in the planning.  We all feel like we have new friends in New York"
Cooking School Owner, Toronto Canada

"Take a tour just like a king!"
Joan Hamburg, WOR Radio, NYC "

"You are without a doubt the best tour guide we have ever worked with."
Jon Hall, Tour Coordinator for Gourmet Goodies, Edmonton, Alberta
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"Thanks to Tomei's efforts and expertise, it was easy to wend our way through markets, wine and cookware shops, bookstores and restaurants that would have been impossible to navigate or to schedule during a five-day stint."
Herbert Perez-Vidal, "Meridian Midway Airlines Magazine" and "Palm Beach Illustrated"
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"Addie's infectious personality is the biggest draw in a great package.  Anyone who meets her will immediately want to sign up for one of her tours"
Natalie Berkowitz, "At Your Leisure" Magazine
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"Make way for Tomei: not Marisa, who doesn't cook, but her mom, Addie, who does.  Addie Tomei heads up the new Savory Sojourns, creating weeklong and shorter "luxury-all-the-way" tours of New York City's best food and wine experiences."
Bob Lape, Crain's New York Business

"(S)he knows her way around a smorgasbord of ethnic delicacies.  Her knowledge infuses her humerous yet affectionate look at the culinary wealth of her city."
John Griffin, San Antonio Express-News
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"Exuding the warmth of a midwestern welcome wagon while she leads walking tours of the district, she can make Sixth Avenue look as wholesome as any Indiana Main Street."
Raphael Kadushin, Bon Appetit

"The highlight of my week in New York was spent enjoying the Big Apple on several Savory Sojourns...Addie's knowledge and love of the city provides an intensely interesting tour."
Linda Bauer, The Houston Courier
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"Savory Sojourns...guides gastronomes to the city's best food."
Bennett Daviss, TWA Ambassador

"Addie introduced us to  famous chefs who toured us through their kitchens, directed us to ethnic markets in obscure neighborhoods, showed us where to shop the best local green markets.  We ate, we shopped, we ate, we toured, we ate.  Our only form of exercise was laughter, and Addie is good at making you laugh."
Mary Brown Malouf & Nancy Nichols, D Magazine

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